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Feeling Forgotten

Moms have it tough. We wear every hat, balance every ball, execute daily routines that would make a drill sergeant jealous, and yet we are often called “just a mom”. Ouch.

Everything we learned in college gets pushed out of our heads to make room for grocery lists and lyrics to Disney songs.

Our sleep/health/sanity gets bumped to the back burner as we work tirelessly to keep our families healthy. After all, they’re the ones who have to go to work and school.

If these sorrows ring a bell, Mom, you are in very good company. And God knows all about it. When we feel forgotten, invisible, worthless, God remembers, sees, and loves us more than we can even imagine.

He is the God Who Sees. “El Roi”, if you want to get official.

Hagar is the first to use this particular name for God, in Genesis. Poor Hagar was used to cover Abraham and Sarah’s lack of faith, then mistreated for doing what she was asked, and driven from her home while she was pregnant. (Chapter 16) She had plenty of reasons to feel forgotten!

But the Lord heard her and sent an angel to speak to her. She responded, “”You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”” (Genesis 16:13 NIV) When she cried out to Him, God found Hagar in the wilderness and made her a great promise: her descendants would be too many to count.

Motherhood feels like a pretty big wilderness. Sure, the wildlife is adorable, but sometimes they bite; and it’s so easy to get lost. In those moments, cry out to God! He knows your heart. He feels your pain. He sees you exactly as you are – and He loves you. You are never forgotten by the One who created you.

If you could use some encouragement this week, pop over to our FBCCS MOPS group on Facebook and share a story or prayer request.* We are all navigating this wilderness together!


*The group is closed, so if you are new to MOPs, you’ll need to request access, first.



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